Comparison of pulp technology development at home and abroad

No matter from work or life, paper can be said to be closely related to each of us, the paper industry has quietly become the largest industrial industry. So what are the similarities between the development of pulp technology at home and abroad? What are the differences?

In some developed countries in Europe, such as France, Britain, Germany and other pulp molding industry has a certain scale, the annual output is also gradually increased. Foreign pulp molding has the following characteristics: a wide range of applications, the use of computer design, modular products, production equipment and technology is more advanced, the last point is the biggest difference with China. As the source of the industrial revolution, foreign countries use more machinery, the degree of automation is quite high, the output will naturally increase, saving a lot of labor.
China’s pulp molding industry has been developed in recent years, the original or to import heavy money from foreign machines for production. It was not until 1988 that the first pulp molding production line was developed. Since then, the domestic pulp industry has developed rapidly, especially led by guangdong, with more labor force and higher production demand. At present, the domestic pulp technology develops rapidly, has approached the foreign advanced level step by step.

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Post time: Nov-06-2019
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