Do you know the standard of paper holder?

What is the thickness specification of the paper mold? Below we will briefly introduce these common sense, I hope to help you, to the existing process skills, the thickness of the paper mold products is approximately 1mm– 6mm, the thickness of ordinary products mostly adhere to about 2.5mm; From the current quality and use of paper mold packaging products, the maximum load can reach 200 kg, bearing shape is not too complex, weight within 50 kg product lining packaging is the best choice;

The cushioning results of paper die packaging are primarily achieved by applying the elastic deformation of the paper wall under impact and then slowing down and offsetting external forces. The elasticity of the paper mold material itself is not high, mainly depends on the product’s support bar design and the buffer cavity formed, the support bar design plays a crucial effect on the paper mold packaging product’s elastic deformation namely the buffer, and the basic basis of the support bar design is the product’s own shape and use.

Post time: Aug-27-2019
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