Low carbon economy, are you green today?

The idea of environmental protection paper holder is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, more and more manufacturers are using paper holder as the outer packing protection material of products, the following to talk about what is paper holder, its main use is what.

First of all, the paper a leftover material of use cartons, newsprint or white pure wood pulp as raw material of products, and then by the pulp at the same time for a long period of time made elaborate allocate a certain concentration of slurry, then on the mold of a certain size, through the use of vacuum adsorption molding technology, finally, through dry processing into various types as well as the use of paper products.

Paper holder has very good anti – vibration, anti – impact, anti – static damage, anti – chemical corrosion and many other effects, at the same time for our environment will not produce pollution, which is more conducive to manufacturers for the export of products, so paper holder is widely used in various industries in the production and packaging process.

In our daily life, because, every commodity in the factory inspection is going through a careful, so the paper market prospects are hot.

Post time: Jun-28-2019
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