The similarities and differences of papermaking and production paper holder

Similarities between papermaking and the production of paper holders:

(1) the production materials are basically the same. Pulp molding production and paper and paperboard production can use the basic raw materials of paper making, such as reed, bagasse, wheat grass and other herbal fiber pulp or recycled paper pulp. The chemical auxiliaries used in the production process are basically the same, such as retention agent, filter agent, wet strength agent, dry strength agent, waterproof agent, oilproofing agent, dye, whitening agent, and environmental protection materials made of environmental protection paper holder.

(2) the raw material treatment process and equipment are basically the same. Dongguan paper support factory tell you, such as the use of waste paper raw material production paperboard, to go through waste paper sorting, hydraulic pulp shredder shredder, beater or mill pulp mill pulp, pulp sizing. Pulping and other processes, and then pump to the paper machine for paper forming, press dehydration, dryer dry driving process into paper products. Pulp molding production using wheat straw pulp or waste paper raw materials, but also through the hydraulic pulp shredder decomposition, beating machine or pulp mill pulp, pulp sizing, pulp mixing and other processes, and then convey to the paper molding machine for molding, extrusion dehydration, drying process, become qualified pulp molding products. The raw material handling equipment used in the two production processes can even be used in general, except for differences in molding and drying equipment.

(3) the forming principles are similar, but the forms of finished products are different. Dongguan paper support factory tell you, pulp molding production and paper and cardboard production are using the wet method molding method, and then dehydrate, dry into finished products. The production process of pulp molding is different from the traditional paper-making production process: paper or paperboard is in the wet department of the paper machine will pulp “spray” or “catch” molding network (metal network or plastic network) on the dewatering molding, wet paper and dry products are continuous flat ribbon, and rolled into the form of a drum.

Paper and production of different paper holder: molding drying equipment is different. Dongguan paper support factory tells you that paper or paperboard transcribing machine is generally relatively large, forming and drying equipment.

Post time: Aug-09-2019
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