What is the scope of use of paper holder?

In daily life, the use of paper is indispensable for everyone. What about the use of paper carriers? What are the areas and methods of use?


Generally speaking, pulp product is the first use of the waste paper we do not need as the most fundamental raw materials, and then through the occasionally pulp and add some excessive pulp from time to time to make materials, and then through the response of molding, boring and plastic workers many processes produced into an environmentally friendly paper plastic products.


Because the paper is a kind of soft material, and its production of paper products is a very little, but also long and often fantasy of a package used for lining buffer, with a good shock, moisture and anti-static and other functions.


Paper support products can be divided into three categories: industrial use paper support, agricultural use paper support and food use paper support.


They are used in different directions and areas:


(1) industrial paper support: for the most part is used in household appliances, medical equipment, electrical data, lighting lining packaging material.


(2) agricultural paper support: large part is used for fruit, eggs and agricultural nutrients bowl.


(3) food paper support: mostly used for food bowls, basins and the use of food trays in supermarkets

Post time: Sep-30-2019
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